Social Security and Pension Reform Conference

Date: Friday 2 March, 2001

Location: Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).

Mexico City, Mexico.

Organizer: Dr. Tapen Sinha, Founder and Director, International Center for Pension Research




8:30 Registration

9:00 AM Inauguration: Arturo Fernandez, Guillermo Prieto, Manuel Aguilera, Enrique de Alba, Jorge Rendon, Tapen Sinha

Mr. Guillermo Prieto (President of CONSAR) to speak

9:30 Dr. Robert Brown (University of Waterloo and Society of Actuaries)

Security for Social Security: Is Prefunding the Answer?

10: 15 Mr. Bernard Dussault (Actuarial Consultant)

Social Security: Equity and Cost Optimization

11:00 AM Coffee Break

11:30 AM Dr. Fernando Solis (Grupo Bal/ITAM)

An Evaluation of Life and Disability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Annuities in the Mexican Pension System for Private Sector Employees

12:15 PM Dr. Tapen Sinha (ITAM) and Dr. Marco Espinosa (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Feeding the Invisible Elephant: Pension for Informal Sector in Mexico

1:00 PM Lunch

3:00 PM Dr. Stephen Kay (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Politics, Economics, and Pension Reform in the Southern Cone

3:45 PM Mr. Jaime Villaseñor (CONSAR)

Value at Risk in Pension Funds

4:30 PM Dr. Tapen Sinha (ITAM) and Dr. Tridib Sharma (ITAM)

Market Structure and Difficulty with Cost Reduction in Privatized Social Security

5:15 PM Dr. Carlos Serrano (World Bank)

Pension Reform, Income Distribution, Fiscal Policy and Capital Accumulation

6:00 PM Dr. Juan Jose Fernandez and Mr. Rafael Gamboa (ITAM)

Double Trouble: The Problem of Multiple Accounts in the National Pension System

6:45 Closure Professor Javier Beristain (President of AFORE XXI)